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Football is currently the most popular sport on the planet. It is played in practically every country on the planet. Its craze is out of this world, but have you heard of American Football League (AFL)? The Australian Football League is a football league that is played in Australia. It isn't the same as traditional football. There have been some regulation changes, so if you're an AFL fan, stay tuned, buckle up, and read on because we'll tell you how to watch the AFL Grand Final Live Stream.

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It was founded in 1897 and was originally known as the Victorian Football League because it was only played in that state, but it quickly expanded to other states. After rising in prominence, the name of the league was changed to Australian Football League in 1990. Sports have long enthralled Australians, particularly football. This game has a special place in their hearts. It's the reason people adore this league above all others.

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When & Where The AFL Grand Finals 2021?

Currently, 18 teams are fighting for the premiership, and there have been 123 AFL premiers to date, with the 124th premiership set to begin in March. Its final is set for Sunday, September 25th, 2021, at the MCG Melbourne Cricket Ground, where you can watch this exciting encounter, however there are AFL fans all around the world. While not everyone can attend the game in person, they can watch it on TV or through other devices. To assist our readers, we've compiled this list of all the ways and places where they can watch the Grand Final Live Stream.

AFL and Parade

The parade, in any event, plays a significant role. Similarly, the AFL Australian football league has its own delicate parade style. The parade will be hosted in the Western Australian capital. Moreover, it has been confirmed that the parade will be held in Optus Stadium Perth. Well, the officials haven't confirmed the further details till now.

What Time Does AFL Grand Final 2021 will Start ?

There have been 123 AFL premiers to date, with the 124th premiership set to begin in March. Its final is set for Sunday, September 25th, 2021, at the MCG Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Date & TimeSeptember 25th, 2021 , 7:25pm AEDT
LocationMCG Melbourne Cricket
Total Teams18
Official Live StreamLive Stream Free

Premier League

This year first round of AFL started on the 18th of March and will go till september 25th this tournament consists of 22 rounds in total there are 18 teams competing against one another while top 8 teams will qualify for the play offs they will compete against each other and eventually two best teams will qualify for the Grand Final which is to be held in Melbourne at historic MCG Melbourne Cricket ground this ground has a capacity of 90000 people.By now initial rounds has been called off and qualifying rounds have started and So far Melbourne team is on top with 70 points and Adelaide on 2nd with 68 points

  • Adelaide Football Club
  • Brisbane Lions
  • Carlton Football Club
  • Collingwood Football Club
  • Essendon Football Club
  • Fremantle Football Club
  • Geelong Football Club
  • Gold Coast Suns
  • Greater Western Sydney Giants
  • Hawthorn Football Club
  • Melbourne Football Club
  • North Melbourne Football Club
  • Port Adelaide Football Club
  • Richmond Football Club
  • St Kilda Football Club
  • Sydney Swans
  • West Coast Eagles
  • Western Bulldogs

Successful Clubs of AFL

Richmond Football club won the last year's premiership while Geelong being the runner ups Carlton football club is the most successful club of this league it has won the grand final for 16 times while Essendon football club also has won for 16 times but after its name changed to AFL, it has won 14 premierships which makes this club the second most successful club in the history of AFL. Fremantle, Gold coast, and Greater Western Sydney are the only clubs in the history of AFL that have never won a single premiership; the reason for not winning a title could be because they are newly formed clubs.

Viewership of AFL

Over the years, AFL and Grand Final had gained so many viewers when the First Grand Final was telecasted, it had views of 3.11 million now the last Grand Final, which was telecasted, had a viewership of almost 7.5 million views increased more than double that much is the popularity of Grand Final.

How to Watch AFL 2021 Live Online

You can watch this exciting encounter physically and can enjoy the exiting moment of the trilling match, however there are AFL fans all around the world. While not everyone can attend the game in person, they can watch it on TV or through other devices.To assist our readers, we've compiled this list of all the ways and places where they can

AFL Grand Final Schedule For AU Different City

South Australia3 p.m
Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and Tasmania,2.30 p.m.
Northern Territory.2 pm
Western Australia12.30 p.m

BT Sports On Live

Switch to BT Sport if you're in the United Kingdom and want to watch the AFL Grand Final live stream nonstop. It is the only platform that allows you to watch live streaming in HD for just Pound 25 a month. This platform is for sports fans in the United Kingdom. If you subscribe to this channel, you may watch all sports events from Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England, so don't wait to get a subscription pass and watch exciting contests. You can also watch other sports and leagues besides the AFL.

Fox Sports On Live

Residents of the United States are as enthusiastic about football as residents of any other football-playing nation in the world; the only difference is that football is commonly referred to as Soccer in this region of the world; however, their love and craze for this sport is unlike any other to keep them entertained with exciting and thrilling AFL matches. Fox Sports is the platform that controls the broadcasting rights for streaming AFL matches in the United States, including the Final, while FS2 is the specific channel that provides live streaming services. Basketball, boxing, and baseball are also broadcast on Fox Sports.

GZTV On Live

Guangzhou TV is the first channel in China to broadcast sports 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This channel, which was formed 25 years ago, has the broadcasting rights to the AFL in China. They've been airing in HD since 2018, which makes the viewing experience more enjoyable. Spectators in China can simply watch the AFL Grand Final live stream on this channel without interruption. This channel has a viewership of over 30 million people. Other sports and events were also broadcast.

Sky Television On Live

Whether it's cricket, football, or hockey, Australian neighbours adore their sports and culture. New Zealanders are constantly enthusiastic about it, so how is it possible to keep them away from AFL? Of course, AFL has a sizable fan base in New Zealand. In New Zealand, SKY Television is the platform where fans and football fans may watch all of the matches from the first round to the final. So, if you're a new Zealander looking for a place to watch the AFL Grand Final live stream, go in to SKY Television and enjoy the most thrilling and exciting events available. Other sports, such as rugby and hockey, are shown on this channel.

TSN On Live

This station has the AFL broadcasting rights in Canada; if you are in Canada and are unsure where to watch the live streaming of the AFL Grand Final 2021, don't worry; subscribe to this channel and enjoy nonstop HD streaming. While lying on your couch and consuming some snacks, you can watch on your laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


Because football is the most popular sport in the world, how can anyone ban Russians from participating? They love football, and they also love to watch AFL, thus Viasat is the channel that broadcasts AFL, and you can watch the AFL Grand Final on Viasat.

ESPN On Live

In the Caribbean, including Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago, this station is AFL's broadcasting partner. If you live in the Caribbean, you should switch to ESPN to witness all of the exciting AFL matches, including the Final on September 25th, 2021.

Claro Sports On Live

Latin America is home to some of the best football players in the world. In the world of football, there are a lot of big names from Latin America. Madonna, Messi, and Neymar are just a few of the big names. So, because football is the most popular sport in this part of the world, people also watch AFL, and if you want to watch the thrilling Grand Final of the 14th premiership AFL, you must subscribe to Claro Sports.

Orbit Showtime Network

Arabs and Africans love Football without any doubt. If you are a resident of North Africa like Algeria, Egypt, or Morocco, you are a resident of the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and UAE. You want to watch AFL, then go and switch to the Orbit showtime network channel and enjoy the unlimited fun of Football sitting in your AC room.

SuperSport On Live

Supersport has secured the rights to broadcast a live webcast of the AFL throughout Africa. It's impossible to be an African and not enjoy football, therefore seeing the craze among Africans is inexcusable. Supersport is working hard to provide you unrestricted and nonstop coverage of all matches from Australia's venues to your laptops, mobile devices, and television sets so you can enjoy this amazing sport and get ready to witness the fantastic AFL Grand Final on September 25th.

How to Watch AFL Grand Final 2021 Live Stream with Express VPN

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How to Watch AFL Grand Final Live On Paramount +

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Social Media

Social media is a behemoth with enormous power and reach. Everyone nowadays is well aware of this; everyone utilises social media, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or Reddit. One of the most accessible sites for watching videos, whether recorded or live streaming, is social media. Despite the fact that broadcasting partners dislike the idea of telecasting live streams on any free platform, they have set up websites where consumers may buy subscriptions, however there are several hacks.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Reddit

You may watch for free on social media, which is a hack method. Numerous pages on Facebook, many YouTube channels, and many people on Reddit and Twitter strive to do those live streams for free in order to gain followers and subscribers. You can simply search and find live streaming sources on social media, and the AFL Grand Final will be aired there as well; you will, of course, need to find the sources.


This site has billions of users worldwide and has the largest audience spread in every corner of the world, so there are many people, pages, and groups who do live stream the main thing is to find them you have to search in the videos section, and there you go all set to watch the final


Youtube is the largest video hosting platform and the largest platform for live streaming as well many channels are there where this Grand Final will be live-streamed search them in your location if you can't find some then enable VPN you would surely find a channel to watch


Reddit has made its name where you can find any newly released movie links, any sports, and any live streams. There are subreddits there that act as a community and are ready to provide the resources; this is a fun place to watch Grand Final Live. I am not sure about the quality of streaming; it may be less than HD

Popularity -AFL

Although its a deomestic league but its very popular that it stands 5th in the list of most watched leagues across the world with only National Football league (NFL), Bundesliga and English Premier League (EPL) ahead.

Most watched leagues in the world

1National Football League (NFL)
2German Bundesliga
3US College Football Division
4English Premier League (EPL)
5Australian Football League (AFL)
6Indian Premier League
7Major League Baseball (MLB)
8La Liga
9Big Bash League (BBL)
10Nippon Professional Baseball

Successful Business Model -AFL

Apparently it's a league but actually it's a great business model thriving many industries altogether, first of all, it promotes tourism in Australia because lots of people come from all over the world to watch this league, other than this it creates employment for thousands of people, last year AFL generated revenue of whopping $674.8 Millions this is some severe amount you can think of how popular and loved AFL is in Australia people admire their state teams buy their merchants cheer for them it's not less than a national festival

Prize Money for AFL Final Winner and Runnerup

Melbourne Cricket ground is all set to host the Grand Final as the government has given the green signal to organizers that 100% capacity of the crowd will be allowed to come to the stadium with covid precautions.. Prize money for the last year's AFL was $1.2 Million for winners and runner-ups got the $666000 as prize money but due can drop down for 2021 as the after effects of Covid

Most Winning and most Losing Teams -AFL

Carlton and Essendon both won AFL premiership 16 times in history of league while the St .Kinda took wooden spoon (bottom finish) 27 times in the AFL history Fremantle, Gold Coast, and Greater Western Sydney are the only clubs in AFL history to never win a championship; their failure to win a trophy could be due to the fact that they are new clubs.

Winning Team of AFL 2020

AFL final 2020 was played between Richmond and Geelong on 24 October 2020 and was won comprehensively won by Richmond.

AFL and the Sponsors

Sponsors play a great role in making anything popular the same happens to AFL. The AFL, being the most awaited event of the year, has a lot of popularity and craze. Thus, many different yet famous brands have joined hands with AFL and sponsor them in different aspects. These sponsors lie in different categories according to their offered sponsorships. One of the most significant yet premium sponsors of AFL is Toyota. There are several other sponsors as well, ranging from Coca-Cola to McDonalds and Google to Colgate. The AFL has hundreds of sponsors./ Isn't it great?

AFL and the Corporate suite package

When we talk about the AFL, it is indeed final that many famous personalities and officials join it. Hence, there is always a need to have a corporate package for such persons. In this corporate suite, you can easily enjoy the whole AFL match. These corporate suites are situated at the prime location of the Optus Stadium with a wide-angle view. The cost of these corporate suites starts from $ 72000. So, if you are one of those who love luxury and fun, then these corporate suites can be your perfect match.

AFL Grand Final Tickets

The ticketing schedule of the most awaited event of the year: AFL, will be announced on September 25 Saturday 2021. The information of the final tickets will be given through the official partner of the AFL afl event .However, the ticket policy has been updated by the authorities. So, Let's have a look at the AFL ticket policy.

AFL- Policy on Refunds

There is no refund policy of tickets at AFL except in case of any specific law and order condition- there could be a refund. Moreover, the refund policy also applies if the ticket holder is not given permission to enter due to some Covid-19 restrictions. Furthermore, if a ticket holder shows proper evidence of any emergency case, then the ticket can be refunded. Well, it is said that on refunding a ticket, the ticket agent has to pay the whole amount it has charged for that ticket. However, from the past two years, the condition is quite unusual due to covid and thus in most of the aspects like the accommodation for the visitors from different states or country-The officials are not sure.

AFL and The Covid

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is set to host the Grand Final, with the government giving organisers permission to fill the venue to capacity. Because the Covid 19 is being followed, the majority of Australia has had vaccinations, and borders have been blocked, outsiders may not be able to attend the final. Still, in the event that they do, the government has mandated that they be covid negative and fully vaccinated to prevent any new instances. Wearing a mask is a necessary because everyone has been used to it for the past year and a half. So get ready and prepare yourselves because this event is going to be really exciting and exhilarating for the crowd watching in the stadium.

Watch Live Stream On Paramount +


The AFL is regarded as one of Australia's top football leagues, with a reputation for excellent and fair play. Because AFL is so popular around the world, there are a variety of ways to watch it live streamed. Some platforms offer free live streaming, while others charge for it. So, we can conclude that the AFL is a fantastic league with foreign players displaying their talents, making it one of the best leagues to watch.

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