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Today more than 3.1 billion people are addicted to video games - that's 40% of the world's population. The gaming industry market is growing every year. By the end of 2020, the market volume was over $ 175 billion. This is 19.6% more than in 2019.

The most popular games are for smartphones. 49% is accounted for by the mobile games segment, 29% by the console and another 22% by the PC games segment.

In the gaming industry, a huge team works on each game to ensure that everything is thought out to the smallest detail: from the plot to the mechanics. And the most important specialist in this process is the developer. Let's figure out how game developers work and what programming languages ​​they use in their work.

Each developer in game development services by Whimsy uses different techniques and different programming languages.

What languages ​​are games usually written in

Knowledge of one programming language may not be enough to write a full-fledged game. Development can require working with two languages ​​at the same time, because each is responsible for a specific set of tasks. Engines are written in one language, scripts in another, and game processes in a third.

If you want to write games, you have to become a polyglot and learn several programming languages. It is worth choosing a language for creating games based on the type of game:

  • for browser games - JavaScript and PHP,
  • for mobile games - JavaScript and C #,
  • for computer and console games - C ++, Assembler, C # and Java.

The programming languages ​​SQL and Python are less commonly used in game development, but they can come in handy too.

What language should a beginner choose for game development

Among all programming languages, it is impossible to single out a universal one in which you can write any game. Each language is focused on specific tasks and types of games. Let's dwell on each type in more detail.

Browser games

Browser games are in many ways inferior to games for computers and consoles. They do not differ in graphics and duration, but often have a well-thought-out plot. These games do not require installation, regular updates, and you can play them even from a weak device. It is enough to have a browser on it with support for Unity or Flash functions.

Programming languages. Previously, browser games were actively created using Flash technology. For this, the ActionScript language was used. But on January 1, 2021, Adobe announced that it would no longer support and distribute Flash Player. This is done in favor of more advanced and safer technologies.

Today, JavaScript is commonly used in the development of browser games. It helps to store character data. You will also need an HTML5 element - Canvas, which represents an API for working with the graphics of the game. In fact, it is a canvas for the artist, on which he draws with JavaScript commands.

Mobile games

Mobile games account for the largest revenue in the entire gaming industry. And this is justified, because the phone is always at hand - you can play anywhere and anytime. Mobile games are superior in quality to browser games, but they are still far from computer and console games. The problem is in the device itself, on which the user is playing - the small screen and limited specifications do not allow creating impressive graphics.

Programming languages. The programming languages ​​C # and JavaScript are mainly used to write mobile games. These languages ​​allow you to write games of a variety of genres, from simple puzzles to complex arcades and horror games.

Features of development in C #. C # is a powerful and versatile development language that allows you to solve a wide range of problems.

Computer and console games

Console and PC games give developers complete freedom. Everything is possible here: the use of complex graphics, support for modern augmented reality technologies and playing with friends online.

The complexity of creating a game for a computer or console is proportional to the possibilities. You will have to go through many stages: creating a concept, thinking through mechanics, dynamics, animation, physics, developing gameplay and plot, writing scripts and voice acting.

Programming languages. For computers and consoles, games are written in C ++ - this allows you to finely optimize the game at the level of hardware and characteristics. In the C ++ language, a graphics setting in games is created, which allows users to play even on weak devices.

Feature of development in C ++. C ++ is a strict language, when working with which you cannot use different types of variables in one expression. At the same time, the language opens up many possibilities:

Briefly about the main

Interest to mobile game development services by Whimsy Games grows after you see the result of your work. In order to choose the right programming language, it is important to take into account the genre of the game and the type of game: it will be a browser, mobile, computer or console game. Each language is good at certain tasks, but it is important to understand that when writing games, professional programmers are rarely limited to one language. By combining them, you can reach a higher professional level.

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