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How to Stream on Twitch Ps4 with Camera

02 Oct 2021, 00:24 GMT+10

Many people instantly think that you need to have a very costly game machine and high-end recording gear to even start when you become a Twitch broadcaster. Most internet tutorials attempt to sell you an expensive capture card to connect to the computer even when you try to broadcast from a console.

We've always thought that the entry barrier is low for creating content, therefore the goal of this paper is to teach you how to start broadcasting your Twitch games in a matter of minutes from your PS 4 without having to spend any money on additional devices or computer improvements. You can visit camera events, this site has cameras and you can trust the reliable device.

What You Need for Streaming on Twitch

You won't need much beyond these requirements for a simple Twitch broadcast from a PlayStation 4 console.

  • A PlayStation 4 to play your video games and handle the recording and broadcasting of your footage. Either a PlayStation 4 Pro or a PlayStation 4 standard system is okay.
  • A TV set to watch your games and stream video.
  • For playing your selected video game, at least one PlayStation controller.
  • The official Twitch app PlayStation 4.

Streamers who want to add their video or audio story during their broadcasts will have to buy this extra equipment.

PS4 Camera:

Its first-party attachment includes a camera as well as an integrated microphone. The PlayStation Camera is needed to capture Twitch video footage from the player and record your voice, in addition, to enhance PlayStation VR gameplay and enable voice commands on the device.

A Quality Mic:

While the PlayStation Camera may capture the player's spoken dialogue, it can also collect echoes and background noise that reduce broadcast quality. A separate headset or certain earbuds with an integrated mic is an alternative to voice recording. Basic free earbuds with current smartphones typically do the job and can be immediately connected to the PlayStation controller.

Setup Twitch on Playstation 4

  • It is very simple to set up a broadcast on your PS4:
  • You must start the game you wish to broadcast first.
  • On your PS4 controller, click the Share button. This opens the Share menu to the left of your screen. Select the Broadcast Gameplay option from the Share menu.
  • If you are wondering which service you would want to broadcast, choose Twitch.
  • You will be prompted to connect your network accounts of Twitch and PlayStation, which may be simply done using the on-screen instructions.
  • The next page enables you to set different live broadcast parameters.

Here you may choose whether or not to incorporate your camera feed into the stream (provided you have a PlayStation Camera connected to your console)

Activate your microphone (via the Include Microphone Audio in Broadcasts checkbox)

Choose whether a chat overlay will be shown on your screen or not.

Change your stream title and pick the quality of the video (we recommend choosing 1080p, provided that your internet can handle it).

If you scroll down, you may invite other PlayStation Network users to your stream or post a link to your Social Media live stream (if your PlayStation account is linked to your social media accounts).

Tips for Quality Streaming on Twitch with PS4

Use Wired Internet Connection

Since live streaming is carried out over the internet, it is very essential to have a highly reliable connection if your viewers want a seamless and high-quality experience without any lag or abrupt disagreement. Many people prefer to have Wi-Fi in their consoles, and although this is handy, a cable connection will be quicker and more reliable than even the greatest wireless signal.

Wired connections are also unbelievably simple to set up, as long as you have your console and router nearby. What you must do is: Get an Ethernet cable (do not worry if you haven't one already. They're extremely inexpensive, perhaps for less than $5 you can buy one);

Please plug one end of it into one of your internet router's numbered ports.

Connect the other end to the Ethernet port behind your PS4.

Then make sure that you choose to Use the LAN cable when setting up a new internet connection in your PS4 Settings menu.

Make Sure Environment is Quite

Probably the simplest of all the recommendations, but it is also one of the most essential. If you are streaming, ensure sure there are no loud sounds in the background that may make it difficult for your viewers to concentrate on your voice or the game.

At least, if you are not alone in the stream, ask your roommates or relatives to be silent near your room and to ensure that any windows are closed. Often outside noise like vehicles, barking dogs, or even insects is caught on your mic even though you can't hear them (because your ears are likely covered by your headphones).

Another helpful tip to keep in mind is always to make sure your microphone is near to your face, but as distant as possible from your PS4. The PS4 isn't a silent system, particularly when playing more intense games with richer graphics, therefore it's essential to keep your microphone as far away as possible if you want it away from the whirling of cooling console fans. Such endless background noise may be irritating and cause viewers to quit your broadcast even if they like it otherwise.

Final Words

We hope that this guide helped you get started as a PS4 streamer. If you found it helpful and want to learn more about expanding on Twitch, please see our other tutorial on how to upload your Twitch VSD to YouTube for more information.

You may browse the rest of our website for more information about Twitch streaming and video creation, as well as subscribe to our YouTube channel. You may begin constructing your video journey right now by creating your first video if that is what you want.

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