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Connie aka Kristen Bell and her friend JoJo played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste are getting bored of their mundane lives and decide to turn their hobby into a multi-million dollar counterfeit coupon business. The pair create an illegal coupon club scheme that scams millions from big corporations, and the scamming queens think they have made it.

Until, a Loss Prevention Officer (Paul Walter Hauser) from a local supermarket, teams up with a U.S. Postal Inspector (Vince Vaughn) to discover the truth behind what's really going down. The girl bosses have a long journey ahead!

Where to watch Queenpins

The film is released in US theatres tomorrow, September 10th. After a couple of weeks in the cinema, the film will then be coming to Paramount+ on September 30th according to Movie Insider.

The movie was inspired by the real-life story of three women Robin Ramirez, Amiko Fountain, and Marilyn Johnson from Arizona. They were arrested in 2012 for selling fraudulent vouchers online and making millions off of them

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Stream It Or Skip It: 'Queenpins' on Paramount+, a Comedy Starring Kristen Bell as the World's Wackiest Coupon Scam Artist

The Gist: PHOENIX, ARIZONA. Connie (Bell) is sleeping the sleep of angels when the feds bust in and arrest her. This is not where the story begins, however. Oh, no. We need to flash back to the beginning, where Connie introduces us to herself via aggravating voiceover: She's a cheery, upbeat woman who was an Olympic gold medalist in race walking and now vaguely 'enjoys' her life as a housewife with a passion for clipping the living shit out of coupons. Her lightly dickheaded IRS auditor of a husband, Rick (Joel McHale), is on the road for work a lot; they racked up massive fertility-clinic bills with heartbreaking results; the nursery is filled not with the coos and cries of a child, but rather, stockpiles of goods she bought on deep discount. 'I'm not SPENDING money, I'm SAVING money,' she argues to Rick as he eyeballs a dozen bottles of name-brand laundry detergent anchoring a shelf full of name-brand cheez puffs, maxi-pads and the like. The room looks like a survival bunker, or a mini-bodega.

We see Connie in hot full-frontal-couponing action. She flags down the newspaper delivery lady, and swaps some TP and other goods for a big stack of coupon flyers. She scissors the coupons like a flippin' pro. She irritates the cashier and the line of people behind her at the grocery store by handing over a wad of coupons that reduce a $138.55 bill alllllllll the way down to $16.45. She opens a box of name-brand cereal and it's stale, so she dashes off a snarky complaint letter and, a while later, opens the mail and her eyes get so wide at the sight of a coupon for free cereal, you'd think it was the Ark of the Covenant. She may be deranged.

Connie's neighbor is JoJo (Howell-Baptiste), a flailing entrepreneur and wannabe social media influence. She lives with her mother (Greta Oglesby), who describes JoJo as 'a saleswoman that don't make no sales.' Connie, meanwhile, has snarky-lettered her way into a big pile of freebies, manufacturer's coupons that are the Holy Grail for her type, valued at tens of dollars each. It occurs to her, as it would to anyone, that she should drive to the manufacturer's coupon factory in Mexico and get a disgruntled worker to regularly steal boxfuls of coupons for her so she can sell the coupons online for a fraction of their value and have JoJo help promote the sales and run the business, then watch her Paypal account accrue hundreds of thousands of dollars. The previous sentence was a montage establishing that Connie and JoJo are officially sweet sisters in savings, BOGO buddies, mail-in mamas, royal rebateers, and they are maybe not to be effed with.

Then we meet Ken (Hauser), who's a loss-prevention specialist for the grocery chain where Connie shops. He can spot a counterfeit coupon from 150 paces and will coolly deny an old woman and lifetime customer a $2 discount if she unwittingly tries to pass one. Ken catches a whiff of some coupon fishiness and calls the FBI, which rolls its collective eyes at him because he's a dweeb and a pedant and, c'mon man, it's just coupons. Six months go by, and I know this because a subtitle reads SIX MONTHS LATER followed by a scene in which JoJo declares, 'It's been six months!' She and Connie have more than $5 million and decide they need to launder it. Meanwhile, a sub-basement shlub at the FBI passes the coupon file to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service because Connie and JoJo have been committing mail fraud the whole time, and essentially bilking big corps out of millions in sales. So Ken and USPIS agent Simon Kilmurry (Vaughn) pal up and get to the task of taking down this not-all-that-harebrained enterprise.

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What Movies Will It Remind You Of?:

Queenpins plays like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels meets The Grifters meets American Hustle meets Kajillionaire, but run through the blander (and no, that's not a typo).

Performance Worth Watching: The principal cast members aren't asked to do anything outside their personas, but we're most thankful for Vaughn, who proves to be a small boon to a saggy movie by showing up halfway through and helping it stay afloat through its second hour.

Memorable Dialogue: I think Connie's getting to the greater point with this one: 'People undervalue coupons.'

Sex and Skin: None: TBDDFATCASIUCFARGOAMICOTF: Too Busy Dumpster-Diving For A Toothpaste Carton And Snipping Its UPC Code For A Real Gem Of A Mail-In Coupon Offer To F-.

Our Take: So 110 minutes is definitely more movie than this subject matter deserves - or am I missing the point and undervaluing a movie about how we undervalue coupons? Maybe beneath the raise-an-eyebrow-and-smirk conceit is a story about four undervalued Americans looking for their purposes: An ex-Olympian who worked her ass off for medals, but is finding life after glory to be unfulfilling (really, what kind of societal purchase can a race-walker reap?). A Black woman who can't get an entrepreneurial leg up after her credit was wrecked by an identity thief. A by-the-book loss-prevention dorkus dismissed as someone who stops teenagers from shoplifting candy. A Postal Service Inspector who carries all the clout of an FBI agent, but gets none of the glory (although we should know by now that the USPSI are badasses, since they took down that greasy cretin Steve Bannon last year).

Watch Online Full Movie On Paramount +

So that's something, and writer/directors Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly clearly want to stump for these underdogs. But Queenpins also kind of ridicules them as fringe weirdos, objects of the easy joke. That might be OK if the film put any satirical muscle behind its comedy; in fact, it pulls all of its punches, undermining its potential drama by loosely defining the joy and pain of the characters lives, and rarely inspiring a good, solid laugh. (It does, however, insist that Hauser taking a good, solid dump in his shorts is funny.)

The film relies heavily on mismatched-buddy-banter junk, you-go-girl cliches and we're-in-the-money montages, the kind of stuff that makes a body sigh at squandered opportunities for inspired comedy. Maybe somewhere in here is a critique of capitalism or materialism; Gaudet and Pullapilly set up Connie and JoJo as Robin Hoods pilfering from corporations and giving some of the spoils to average Americans looking to knock a few bucks off the grocery bill, probably out of necessity. Sure, they're committing fraud, but what's a few tens of millions to the Procter and Gambles of the world? Diddly-squat. But none of these implications ever come to fruition in Queenpins, a movie that's ultimately an underambitious wad of diddly-squat.

Queenpins" Is Now Streaming on Paramount+

Following its theatrical release, the film is now available to stream exclusively for Paramount+ subscribers in the U.S.

[via press release from Paramount+]

Is Queenpins based on a true story?

Loosely based on the real story of a $40 million couponing scam, 'Queenpins' features Bell as a depressed suburban housewife who has struggled with infertility and British actor Howell-Baptiste as a small-time video blogger who devise a scheme to sell counterfeit coupons. … AP: Kristen, you were on 'Queenpins' first.

Who is the movie Queenpins based on?

Loosely based on the real story of a $40 million couponing scam, 'Queenpins' features Bell as a depressed suburban housewife who has struggled with infertility and British actor Howell-Baptiste as a small-time video blogger who devise a scheme to sell counterfeit coupons.


From STXfilms, AGC Studios, Marquee Entertainment and Red Hour Films, the Feature-Length Comedy Starring Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste Is Now Available to Stream Exclusively for Paramount+ Subscribers in the U.S.

Sept. 29, 2021 - Paramount+, the streaming service from ViacomCBS, today announced its original comedy movie QUEENPINS is now available to stream on the service. Following its theatrical release, the film is now available to stream exclusively for Paramount+ subscribers in the U.S.

Inspired by a true story, QUEENPINS is an outrageous comedy about a bored and frustrated suburban homemaker, Connie (Kristen Bell), and her best pal JoJo (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), a vlogger with dreams, who turn a hobby into a multi-million-dollar counterfeit coupon caper. After firing off a letter to the conglomerate behind a box of cereal gone stale, and receiving an apology along with dozens of freebies, the duo hatches an illegal coupon club scheme that scams millions from mega-corporations and delivers deals to legions of fellow coupon clippers. On the trail to total coupon dominance, a hapless loss prevention officer (Paul Walter Hauser) from the local supermarket chain joins forces with a determined U.S. postal inspector (Vince Vaughn) in hot pursuit of these newly minted "Queenpins" of pink-collar crime.

Released theatrically by STXfilms, QUEENPINS is written and directed by Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly, and stars Kristen Bell, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Paul Walter Hauser, Joel McHale, Bebe Rexha and Vince Vaughn. The film is produced by AGC's Head of Production Linda McDonough via her Marquee Entertainment banner alongside AGC Studios, and Red Hour Films' Nicholas Weinstock.

Paramount+ is building a robust slate of original feature-length films, including THE J TEAM, from Nickelodeon and starring JoJo Siwa; INFINITE, starring Mark Wahlberg and Chiwetel Ejiofor; the upcoming JERRY AND MARGE GO LARGE, from MRC Films' Landline Pictures and starring Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening; as well as titles produced by Paramount Players, including a prequel to PET SEMATARY, original supernatural story THE IN BETWEEN, featuring Joey King, and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: NEXT OF KIN, a new, unexpected retooling of the PARANORMAL franchise premiering on Thursday, Oct. 29.

In addition, select upcoming films from Paramount Pictures will have their streaming debut on Paramount+, including the upcoming family feature CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG, which will be available to stream on Wednesday, Nov. 10, the same day it hits theaters. The Paramount Pictures films A QUIET PLACE PART II and PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE are currently available to stream on Paramount+.

About Paramount+:

Paramount+, a direct-to-consumer digital subscription video on-demand and live streaming service from ViacomCBS, combines live sports, breaking news, and a mountain of entertainment. The premium streaming service features an expansive library of original series, hit shows and popular movies across every genre from world-renowned brands and production studios, including BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures and the Smithsonian Channel. The service is also the streaming home to unmatched sports programming, including every CBS Sports event, from golf to football to basketball and more, plus exclusive streaming rights for major sports properties, including some of the world's biggest and most popular soccer leagues. Paramount+ also enables subscribers to stream local CBS stations live across the U.S. in addition to the ability to stream ViacomCBS Streaming's other live channels: CBSN for 24/7 news, CBS Sports HQ for sports news and analysis, and ET Live for entertainment coverage. For more information about Paramount+, please visit and follow @ParamountPlus on social platforms.

About AGC Studios:

AGC Studios, founded in February 2018 by Chairman and CEO Stuart Ford, is in a very busy production period in both film and television. In film AGC is a partner on Roland Emmerich's recently wrapped MOONFALL starring Oscar(R) winner Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson for Lionsgate; produced and financed DEMONIC from Neill Blomkamp released by IFC Midnight, and LOCKED DOWN from director Doug Liman starring Oscar(R) winner Anne Hathaway and Oscar(R) nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor for HBO Max. They are in post-production on THE PERFECT FIND from director Numa Perrier starring Gabrielle Union and Gina Torres for Netflix; and in pre-production on LITTLE AMERICA from director Rowan Athale starring Sylvester Stallone. In addition, AGC was a co-financier and partner with CNN Films on two acclaimed documentaries LADY BOSS: THE JACKIE COLLINS STORY and on JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE. AGC Television is in post-production on TINDER SWINDLER from Gaspin Media for Netflix; they recently financed and produced the first season of Sebastian Gutierrez's LEOPARD SKIN starring Carla Gugino and Jeffrey Dean Morgan; financed and produced an adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's NEWS OF A KIDNAPPING for Amazon Studios; and is a co-financier and worldwide distributor of TROPPO starring Thomas Jane, Nicole Chamoun and Radha Mitchell in partnership with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and IMDb-TV. Also in production is Season 3 of WAR OF THE WORLDS, a co-production with Canal+ and Fox International.

About STXfilms:

STXfilms, a division of Eros STX Global Corporation, is a next-generation film studio that produces, acquires, distributes, and markets motion pictures at scale. From blockbusters like Greenland, Hustlers, Bad Moms, and The Upside to hits like The Gentlemen, Molly's Game, and The Gift, STXfilms produces star-driven films for a global audience. In just 5 short years, its slate of films has already grossed over $1.8b in global theatrical box office. With a wide range of partners including Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Showtime (which handle the physical and premium television releases of STXfilms content, respectively), the studio is a fast-growing, industry powerhouse. Upcoming films include Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre, a new action-comedy film directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Jason Statham, Hugh Grant, Aubrey Plaza, and Josh Hartnett, The Marsh King's Daughter directed by Neil Burger and starring Daisy Ridley and Ben Mendelsohn, American Sole starring Pete Davidson, O'Shea Jackson Jr., Camila Mendes, Offset, and Bad Bunny, The Godmother starring Jennifer Lopez, Universe's Most Wanted starring Dave Bautista, Muscle starring Vin Diesel and directed by F. Gary Gray, National Champions starring Stephan James and J.K. Simmons, Violence of Action starring Chris Pine, and Greenland: Migration, the sequel to the global hit starring Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin. Follow STXfilms for more film content: Twitter (@STXfilms), Instagram (@STXfilms), Facebook (/STXfilms), and YouTube (/STXfilms) For the latest news and releases from ErosSTX: Twitter (@ErosSTX), Instagram (@ErosSTX), and Facebook (/ErosSTXOfficial) Follow STXfilms for more film content: Twitter (@STXfilms), Instagram (@STXfilms), Facebook (/STXfilms), and YouTube (/STXfilms) For the latest news and releases from ErosSTX: Twitter (@ErosSTX), Instagram (@ErosSTX), and Facebook (/ErosSTXOfficial)

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