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Skills Needed to be a Leader in Video Games

12 Oct 2021, 02:24 GMT+10

Every gamer has a different experience with video games. Some play for fun and relaxation, while others take the game seriously by playing competitively. Regardless of your gaming style, you can practice skills to make yourself an effective leader in video games. There is always room for improvement as a player or leader, so this blog post will provide some tips to help you improve at both!

Leaders in video games are necessary to keep the game moving. These players (and non-playing characters) guide the team through their objectives and help them achieve victory. Without a leader, the game would be whatever every individual player is doing at that time. There would be no strategy involved; it would simply be chaos!

To become an effective leader in video games, you must have the following skills.

1) Communication Skill

This skill is critical because it can help your team win or lose a game. When playing competitively, being able to communicate with teammates is essential if you want to achieve victory. If an opponent underestimates your communication skills, you can trick them into thinking your team is stronger than it actually is.

For example, suppose you and your teammate are playing Genshin Impact, while your opponents are Geoculus Genshin Impact. In that case, you can communicate with each other to make it seem like both of you have Geoculus Genshin Impact. If you do not communicate, the opponent could easily play around with your team's weaknesses and win the game.

2) Leadership Skill

Leadership skills are the abilities needed to take charge and guide your team to victory. Effective leaders can influence their teammates to work together and play well, even if they do not know each other well. Good leaders will be able to motivate their teammates, even when things get rough.

For example, if you and one of your teammates argue, you can use your leadership skills to stop the argument and get back on track. Leadership also comes into play in most objective modes such as Capture and Hold or Uplink, where your team will need to work together to win the game.

3) Critical Thinking Skill

Many gamers neglect this skill because they only think about winning. However, when playing competitively, winning is not always the answer. You must realize that in most cases, you can win by sacrificing yourself to ensure your teammate's victory over the opponent. This is an effective strategy that can work in your favor if you know how to implement it effectively.

4) Efficiency Skill

This skill allows you to do more than what the game requires of you. For example, if the objective of a game is to destroy an opponent's Nexus (Destiny), then your team will win no matter how many other facets of the game you complete. You can play different parts of the game, but this does not affect your chances of winning or losing.

5) Ability Usage

Using your abilities at the right time is very important when playing video games, especially when you are the leader since your actions will mostly affect your team's success or failure. For example, in Genshin Impact, if you and your teammate both play Geoculus Genshin Impact, you should communicate with each other and use your abilities at the same time (around 5-10 seconds left on the clock) to maximize your uptime and ensure that neither of you will die early in the next round.

6) Knowledge of Game Modes

Finally, it is important to know the game modes that you are playing. Although some skills can be practiced, knowledge about the game cannot be improved upon. To become more effective as a leader, know what abilities or actions can help your team win. You will not want to waste powers on objectives during deathmatch modes; after all, there is no reason for you to use your abilities on a practice mode.


In conclusion, to become a leader in video games, it is crucial to have the abovementioned skills. These skills will allow you to guide your team to victory and help them get better at playing together. Above all else, communicate with your teammates and look out for each other!

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