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You have either recently moved to Switzerland and hence need to take out basic insurance soon. Or, you are not happy with your current health insurance plan, and so you need a genuine health insurance comparison [Italian people also refer] to switch to another provider.

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It is essential and also mandatory in Switzerland to take out health insurance. It is equally vital for the insurance to be well-planned. Comparison is the key to zero in on health insurance that best fits your medical needs and finances. The best way is to visit insurers' websites and seek quotations for both basic and supplementary insurance. Or reach out to them using their contact numbers and/or email address.

Online Health Insurance Comparison

To get online quotes for health insurance, you often need to fill out online forms. The forms request you to share information about your current health status, the average premium you are comfortable paying, whether you need a family plan, whether you require protection against accidents, etc. All this information insurers need to help you select a plan that meets your requirements. When gathering information online, expect almost instant quotes to reach your inbox.

The quotes you receive from insurers can be mind boggling. That's because they are likely to be varied in many respects, like features and premium. How do you know which fits the bill for you?

How to Select the Best Health Insurance?

There are not many aspects of health insurance, like high or low deductible, insurance as a family, paying the total amount upfront, etc. Let's look at these and more aspects in detail.

Supplementary Insurance Needed?

This is one aspect that helps you keep your health insurance expenses in check. Basic insurance is mandatory, and no insurer can refuse to sell it to you irrespective of your current medical state. Basic health insurance covers you against pretty much most of the medical needs, such as accidents and trauma treatment, psychiatric care, general practitioners, nursing services, and maternity. So, if you require medical assistance for reasons such as cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer, which are much more than the one covered basic insurance, ask for quotes on supplementary insurance as well.

Basic and Supplementary Insurance from Same or Different Insurer?

You always have an option to take out basic and supplementary insurance from the same or different insurers. Maintaining two different insurance providers is undoubtedly more work for you. However, if a provider gives you a good deal in terms of premium, features, and discounts with basic and supplementary insurance combined, you must grab it.

Individual or Family Insurance?

It is most often that when you seek quotes for family insurance versus individual insurance, you will find family insurance better for your pocket. Many insurance providers attract customers by offering loyalty points and discounts for insuring as a family to beat the competition. Also, if you are expecting your child, ask for a plan where you can benefit from the premium on your child's insurance.

Minimum or Higher Deductible?

The deductible is the variable part of insurance, which you can control to make the premium amount suitable to your finances. CHF 300 is the mandatory amount. If you increase this amount, you have to shell out less premium amount. How often you consult doctors and get medical investigations done influences how much deductible you should preferably go for. More the hospital visits needed, lower should be the deductible portion to get the maximum insurance benefit. Contrarily, you can increase the deductible to the maximum of CHF 2,500 if you have a blessing of good health.

Self Employed or Salaried?

This may sound trivial, but you must not ignore this when making a health insurance comparison. Employers offer medical covers to employees. You must jot down the medical protection you are getting from your employer before asking for insurance quotes and finalizing a plan for yourself. Almost all employers offer insurance against accidents, both occupational and nonoccupational.

Canton Insurance Laws and Regulations

Insurance laws and regulations around the deduction of premiums are not uniform across Switzerland. They vary from canton to canton. When asking for free instant health insurance quotes, do share your canton to derive any benefit you are entitled to receive. This is your privilege, as it is for almost 25%-30% of the residents who benefit from canton-specific laws.

Make a Bigger Upfront Payment?

The bigger the upfront payment you agree to give, the cheaper is your health insurance. You may pay the entire amount in one go or pay in two installments. Most insurers extend discounts to the customers when customers pay a lump sum amount.

Free quotes by insurance providers allow you to patiently compare health insurance and select the most beneficial plan for yourself.

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