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5 Tips for Setting New Year's Resolutions

21 Oct 2021, 19:24 GMT+10

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Life is like a book; each page has its own implied meaning. Likewise, in the new year, many people think of the new year as a new book that is still empty. What story will you write in it? Of course, many people want to write happy stories in it. But before you write the stories for the next year, you should know first what kind of life you will do in this new year.

Yes, new year's resolutions are the same as life goals that should be your direction for the next year. That's why many people consider New Year's resolutions to be so important.

However, many also just follow the trend to make new year's resolutions. But later at the end of the year still to no avail. The next question, then what have you been doing this year? After hearing the question asked from someone else's mouth, you must feel fast, right?

Well, actually New year's resolutions don't need to be too showy. Come on, check out the following 5 tips for setting New year's resolutions so that your new year is different from previous years. And, at the end of the year, there will be no more regrets if your resolutions have not been achieved.

1. Self-Introspection

Introspect yourself like you're in the mirror. It's true, the mirror can help you to introspect yourself. Not only look at you now physically but look deeply into yourself. Who are you right now? Compare with you before.

If what you get is a good thing, be it physically, mentally, or your whole self, it means that there has made progress in your life. But it's not enough to stop there, you must be better or at least you must be able to maintain your achievements.

If there are still many shortcomings that you get from the introspection of yourself, then you have to make a list of these shortcomings and make it a resolution in the new year to become a better person. So, the point is to know yourself first. Look back on what you've done so far.

2. Start Simple

Making New Year's resolutions doesn't have to be grandiose. Just start with the simple ones. Just sleeping on time and getting up in the morning is actually very difficult to do. Especially if you immediately start something big and want to be successful right away. It takes more extra effort. Fix your daily habits.

3. Know Your Purpose in Life

The purpose of life is the thing you should know, it is also the most difficult thing to know. Surely you have often heard the term quarter-life crisis. The phase where you doubt everything you've done so far, also the phase of searching for an identity.

Of course, many have not realized that he himself is in this quarter-life crisis. Every day the work is a mess. Hey, who is this?

Well, it's good, you do some self-introspection first. After that just start setting your life goals. The search for identity should be done as early as possible, lo. Because the problem will involve time and age. While you are young, you must know where your life is going. But that doesn't mean you're getting old so you can't find your identity either.

Better late than never, better late than never. This is very suitable as a trigger for you to find your identity. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will soon realize how you want to live.

4. Make A List of Resolutions

Well, the next thing is to make a list of your resolutions for the next 1 year. This target is not just written down, but you must strive so that at the end of the year you can see the achievements of your efforts. Trust me, the effort will not betray the results.

5. Consistent

Well, the last one is consistency. Make yourself as comfortable as possible to achieve all your resolutions. With you who are comfortable, surely you will not be bored making efforts to achieve all those resolutions, right. Eventually, you will definitely be consistent to live it for the sake of a better version of yourself. Remember, consistency is the key!

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