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How to choose the right balance bike for your child?

21 Oct 2021, 21:24 GMT+10

Balance bikes come in all sorts of sizes and ages, despite popular belief. Getting your child the right size balance bike is critical to their success on a bike! A balancing bike built for a 2-year-old will not fit a 4-year-old. Choosing a balancing bike for your child contains several choices:


Typical children's bikes are sized based on wheel and frame size, but balancing bikes are sized depending on inseam. When your child is seated in the saddle, their feet should be flat on the ground. Measure your child's inseam with shoes on to see if the bike is the suitable size for them. Ideally, This should be at least as long as the bike's shortest seating. If your child's inseam exceeds the bike's maximum seating height, you'll need a bigger bike. Your child's positions should be slightly leaned forward so that they can comfortably reach the handlebars. Longer-reaching armrests on your child's balance bike will enable them to pedal faster and maintain a more aggressive forward-leaning attitude. While an upright bike (such as a Dutch Bike) is better for short trips, it will be more challenging to move forward. It's important to consider the area your child will be riding on when determining the shape of the bike.


Light bikes are more accessible for your toddler to push. Aluminum alloy, steel, wood, and plastic are common frame materials for kids' balance bikes. Durable aluminum alloy is preferred over steel for balancing bikes due mainly to its low weight.

Wooden balance bikes are attractive, but they lack brakes. Look for those built of marine plywood, which will not warp or delaminate when wet, as opposed to cheaper bikes made of regular plywood.


Cost is a concern for many parents, but ultimately the choice is based on the expected usage of the bike. It will be lighter and last longer. It will have better components, better quality, and resale value. Most premium kids' bikes use authentic bike parts that can be repaired and replaced by a bicycle shop to keep the bike functioning smoothly for longer.

Many replica brands appear like expensive bikes but lack attention to detail and build quality. Commonly thay don't have brakes, air tires, and ball bearings.


Look for air (pneumatic) tyres, alloy rims, and steel spoke axles. Air tyres provide more cushioning and stability for your child, increasing their confidence. Wide, knobbly tyres hold better on rough areas, whereas narrower smooth tyres roll faster.

Some brands use Air cushion tyres, which are puncture-proof but provide poor grip. They cannot be replaced once they have burned out. Therefore you must purchase a completely new wheel. Ensure that your bike uses ball bearings or cartridge bearings rather than nylon (plastic) bushings, which can rattle and wear out quickly.


Some balancing bikes do not have brakes, while others have a rear brake and a handful have both front and back brakes. Look for V brakes as opposed to sidepull brakes. Because V brakes are far more robust than side-pull brakes, your child will be able to stop safely. Low reach brake handles explicitly designed for children are required to ensure that small hands can use them.

Contact Points

A padded seat is preferable to harsh plastic. Make sure the stuff is tough and won't rip. They have a wood "seat" with foam padding on top, which isn't as comfy as a completely padded seat!

Look for soft rubber grips rather than plastic. Plastic grips are less pleasant and gripping. Brands exclusively use plastic to save money.

The most fantastic balancing bikes like xiapia balance bike haa a ball or cartridge gear headset, allowing free rotation and steering. Some budget balance bikes have scratchy plastic bushings that can't be fixed.


Most decent balancing bikes are built like adult bikes, with genuine bike parts that can be serviced and replaced as needed, ensuring years of use. The lower-cost balancing bikes are like toys, with non-local elements like plastic bushings and moulded proprietary pieces (handlebars, wheels).

Consider the bike's long-term value. Having a xiapia balance bike means you won't have to buy a new one for a few years, providing you piece of mind.

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