Sat, 04 Dec 2021

Cybercrime or cyber-attacks are a growing concern in today's era of growing dependence on information technology. Many businesses often fail to estimate the effect of cyber attacks on themselves. They are not ready to bear the expense of hiring professionals to keep an eye on cyber attackers. But they cannot overlook the importance of creating a safer space in the era of digitisation.

Cyber security is an ongoing process, so hiring employees with a certificate in cyber security can help protect the business against any upcoming cybercrime. It is easy to put basic controls, but since the attackers always find new ways to intercept data, basic controls may not provide in-depth security. Cyber security experts can be assets to the business in the following ways:

  1. Check on threats -

Hackers will continually attempt to discover a vulnerability, and once they do, you want to ensure you've got the assets and expertise to find their intrusion as quickly as possible. The experts employed can keep an eye on the current and potential threats, thus preparing the business with the necessary action to shut them. In this manner, you can minimise the damage and return to normal without struggling.

  1. Establishing security checks, creating firewalls, etc.-

The employees would perform risk assessments, establish security checks, offer encryption services, monitor firewalls, and build incident response plans. These are the primary methods to ensure data safety and security at the entity level.

  1. Cost-Effective-

Data Breach and Data Thefts can prove to be much more disastrous and costly until they come within the organisation's knowledge or get detected. It is challenging to point out the suspicious activity that might take place in the servers or network without having adequate knowledge or experience. Thus, cyber security experts can be beneficial in the timely detection of data thefts, hence, cost-effectively compensating for the expected loss.

  1. Providing basic security training-

Employees trained in cyber security can help spread awareness and provide training to the other employees by organising cyber security programs related to the basic security practices. Each one can work maintaining the safety of its data at the individual level. The employees should be capable enough to block any suspicious activity or communication from the attackers, thereby creating a safer space.

  1. Helpful in providing updates on cyber security regulations-

Each business has to work under rules implemented by the government. Similarly, employees with knowledge of cyber security laws can help enterprises stay up to date as per the laws implemented.

  1. Being a step ahead of the attackers-

With all the security measures in place, an organisation can always be a step forward by tracing any malicious or suspicious activity that may take place in its servers or networks, thus blocking the threat at that instant. These employees protect the business so that the attackers decide to move toward much simpler goals than waste time decoding the security measures.


Cyber security is a critical aspect for all businesses and can not be overlooked as new risks emerge daily. Therefore, the companies must have employees who hold a certificate in cyber security to be prepared for the upcoming threats. Businesses should also incorporate cyber security programs as a part of their organisation. This measure will ensure everyone has a basic sense of security for their data as well.

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