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Story of Askin Tarifi (Recipe of Love) Tv Series

07 Jan 2022, 21:24 GMT+10

  • Original Title: Askin Tarifi
  • English Title: Recipe of Love
  • Also Known As:
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 13
  • Broadcast Network: Kanal D
  • Broadcast Period: 7 June 2021 - 5 September 2021
  • Production Company: NTC Medya
  • Director: Deniz Kolos
  • Screen Writer: Leyla Oter and Doruk Erengul (screenwriters for episodes 1-7); Makbule Kosif and Okan Basar Bahar (screenwriters for episodes 8-13)
  • Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey

Firat (Kadir Dogulu) is a successful chef who is youthful and lovely. Despite receiving two years of cooking instruction from well-known chefs in French cuisine, he finally works at his aunt's kebab shop.

Firat likes his everyday life and lives in peace with his aunt and pals in a quiet area. His joyful existence is turned upside down when his fiancee abandons him on the day of his wedding.

Firat's fiancee seeks guidance from a prominent television show presented by love guru Taylan just before the wedding (Alper Saldiran). Taylan is known as Dr. Love, and he has the ability to effortlessly influence others. When he urges Firat's fiancee to call off their engagement, she does so immediately.

Firat's fiancee, on the advise of Dr. Love, cancels the wedding and leaves everything behind without saying anything. Firat is distraught, and he has lost all hope and enthusiasm for the future.

Firat discovers that his fiancee is one of Dr. Love's customers through pure chance. He realises that Taylan, also known as Dr. Love, has spoiled his wedding by offering advice without thinking about the implications. When Taylan discovers this, he becomes Firat's most vehement foe.

Firat intends to exact his vengeance by teaching Taylan a lesson in love. He intends to wreck his own life as well. Firat tries to break up Taylan and his fiancee after he finds out he has a fiancee.

Naz (Serra Ariturk), Taylan's girlfriend, is a stunning young woman from an affluent family who operates a French restaurant. Firat would start working at Naz's French restaurant and capture her love in order to teach Dr. Love a lesson, according to the vengeance plot.

Firat creates a CV that is chock-full of accolades and outstanding work experience. He gains entry to Naz's eatery and begins carrying out his revenge plot. Because of their opposing perspectives on life, he first finds it difficult to attract Naz.

Firat, in contrast to Naz, has a careless enthusiasm for life. While Firat wants to experiment in the kitchen and tries to adapt French food to a Turkish manner, he frequently encounters Naz's strict and rule-based personality. Naz has a strong desire to follow a recipe book, but she will quickly discover that there isn't a single recipe for love in the book.

The narrative of the TV series Recipe of Love (Askin Tarifi) is about a charming chef Firat who is abandoned by his fiancee on his wedding day and begins to carry out his revenge plan by gaining the heart of Naz. Is Firat going to be able to win Naz's heart? Will Naz go with Taylan's safe existence or Firat's passionate life? Will Naz find out what Firat's plan is? Will Taylan be able to comprehend Firat's scheme of vengeance?

Characters Of Watch Askin Tarifi English Subtitles Tv Series:

  • Firat Karasu (Kadir Dogulu): Since his parents died, he has been raised by his aunt Sultan. He is a well-known chef. Despite receiving two years of cooking instruction from well-known chefs in French cuisine, he finally works at his aunt's kebab shop. He likes his everyday life and spends time with his family and friends in tranquilly. After being dumped on his wedding day by his fiancee, he resolves to work at Naz's French restaurant and win her heart in order to teach Dr. Love a lesson.
  • Naz Soyluer Karasu (Serra Ariturk): She is a lovely young woman from a well-to-do family. She refuses to work for a family company and instead pursues her ambition of owning a French restaurant. She and her buddy Sebnem take over the ownership of a French restaurant and work hard to make it a success. She is calm, methodical, and self-disciplined. Even though she is unsure of her emotions for Taylan, Naz is engaged to him. As her wedding approaches, Naz must choose between her secure life with Taylan and a passionate life with Firat.
  • Taylan Gunebakan (Alper Saldiran): He is known as Dr. Love, a love expert. He is a love affairs personal counsellor. He also has a television programme in which he delivers love advise. Taylan is a wealthy businessman who is adept at manipulating others. He wants to marry Naz in order to improve his image. Because of her rich background, Naz is the ideal wife for him.
  • Sultan (Yasemin Bastan): Firat's aunt is her. She looks after him as if he were her own child. After her husband left them, she has been living with her daughter and nephew Firat. When Firat's wedding is postponed, Sultan wants Firat to marry a respectable woman.
  • Hazim Soyluer (Cem Davran): He is the father of Naz. He is a single parent who wishes for his daughter's happiness. He is always there for his daughter.
  • Sebnem (Idil Sivritepe): She is a friend and business colleague of Naz's. She was born into a middle-class household. She worries that if she marries him, Naz would become unhappy. As a result, she chooses to assist Firat.
  • Ergin (Mehmet Seker): He is a good buddy of Firat's and lives in the same area as him. He gets along with Sebnem rather well.
  • Mirza (Atakan Yilmaz): He is a good buddy of Firat's and lives in the same area as him.
  • Feza Soyluer (Elif Melda Yilmaz): She is Naz's aunt, and she shares a home with her brother Hazim and nephew Naz. She is in favour of Taylan and Naz's relationship.

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