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Success is not random. It is the culmination of time, effort, energy and expense. And in Darren Oved's case, it took a lot of each to reach a lot of success. Mr. Oved is a highly skilled and renowned litigator in the boutique New York litigation law firm he co-founded, Oved & Oved LLP.

Mr. Oved's abilities as a trial attorney and commercial litigator have won him a reputation in the legal community, and he continues to be sought after by many high profile and high net worth clients who require representation in complex matters involving significant amounts. Because of his meticulous attention to detail and his skill at securing advantageous results for his clients', he has developed a cult-like following among his clients, adversaries and colleagues.

Celebrity Representation

A successful lawyer understands how to communicate with their clients and how to handle the implications of every action and remark, regardless of how inconsequential they may appear to be. This is one of the distinctive features of a skilled lawyer. This is made even more apparent when clients are well-known celebrities who have a considerable fan base. In point of fact, Oved is referred to as the 'litigating lion' and 'litigating wizard' by both his colleagues and his clientele due to his exceptional ability to handle matters in a professional way.

Some of the celebrities that Oved and his firm have represented are:

Cat Cora, a 2017 Iron Chef America contestant. The Iron Chef and Around the World in 80 Plates star was charged for allegedly allowing Fatbird Restaurant to 'exploit her name, image, and likeness' for $400,000 and a 10% stock stake. Oved told the New York Post that his client spent 'a lot of time, energy, and money.' The lawsuit sought to collect what was promised.

Alex Sapir, a billionaire and the son of the late Tamir Sapir, who was himself a millionaire. Oved has defended Alex Sapir in a number of lawsuits involving hundreds of millions of dollars on his behalf. Oved's client, as well as Oved's successful defense of Sapir, has been covered in the magazine The Real Deal.

In addition, Oved and his firm have assisted clients such as Rebecca Minkoff with their own legal disputes. Oved was quoted in the New York Post in relation to a pending legal action in which a group of Brooklyn Nets season ticket holders claims the team unlawfully revoked their expensive seats because they resold their unused tickets on the secondary market. Oved, who represented the ticket holders, noted that the action 'seeks to defend fans and free enterprise against Nets policies that appear to place little value on either.'

Oved has also successfully defended investor Andreas Steiner in litigation against Maverick Real Estate Partners that involves several millions of dollars. In addition to this, Oved and his firm was successful in resolving a dispute between investors Ebi Khalili and Josh Rahmani and real estate magnates Joseph and Daniel Rahmani. Oved issued a statement to the Real Deal shortly after the conclusion of the case, stating that 'the parties have cordially resolved their dispute, cleared each other of the allegations of wrongdoing, and now look forward to pursuing their respective real estate businesses in New York.'

In addition, Oved represented European soccer superstars and legends Zinedine Zidane, Christian Vieri, Paolo Maldini, and Andriy Shevchenko, which entailed significant media attention. Following a positive ruling in this case, Oved remarked that it was evident that the claims leveled against their clients were only a despicable ruse to damage their names in a transparent attempt to renege and re-trade on an already completed real estate transaction. "By dismissing this litigation against our clients, it is apparent that the claims leveled against them were a shameless endeavor to damage their names," Oved added.

Oved also received recognition for his representation of Dr. Sandran Waran, who claimed to have purchased a fake $111,000 1,000 year-old painting. The New York Post wrote, 'Dr. Sandran Waran, a pediatric neurologist from Morristown, NJ, is suing Christie's in Manhattan federal court to recoup what he paid in 2005 and 2007 for a 12th-century blackstone stele of Vishnu and 11th-century sandstone figure of Uma. 'I find it interesting that they had no compulsion in validating provenance when selling the pieces but when it's time to [resell] . . . through them, they have some kind of trepidation in reaffirming the provenance,' said Waran's lawyer Darren Oved.' The Art Maker Monitor reposted the Post's article as well.

Oved also represented Massey Knakal, who was trying to oust his COO from his position at Massey Knakal Realty Services. The Real Deal covered this story, writing, 'The move to arbitration, sought by Massey Knakal, appeared to be a tactical win for the firm, attorney Darren Oved, a litigation partner with law firm Oved & Oved, said.'

Oved received significant attention for his lawsuit against famed clothing designer Vince Camuto and behemoth retail company Aldo. The New York Times wrote about Oved's representation of the Plaintiff, Fleet Street. In an interview with the Post, Oved said '[Camuto and Aldo] caused Fleet Street significant damage.'

Given Oved's high profile clients as well as his remarkable ability to give it all he has to get the best results for his clients, it's no wonder he is known as 'New York's best litigator.' NY Magazine cited him as one of "New York's top rated lawyers.' He was recognized as being one of America's "leaders in law" and "New York's best personal injury and commercial litigation lawyers" in 2017. And he was rated one of America's "Top 27 Real Estate Attorneys in New York City" in 2022 as well.

As the foregoing demonstrates, success is not easily earned, but comes to those who continually work hard and constantly seek the best for their clients and themselves. Clearly, Darren Oved., Esq., is one such notable example. After all, he is a litigation lion and New York's finest attorney.

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