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If you have already decided to pursue a divorce, one of the subsequent considerations you will need to make is whether or not to retain the services of a divorce attorney.

The majority of divorcing couples have the goal of completing the process as rapidly as feasible. You may dissolve your marriage without the assistance of a Lake Forest Divorce Attorney, depending on the rules governing the dissolution of marriage in your state and on whether or not they permit divorces without regard to blame. However, there are circumstances where it may be beneficial to retain the services of a divorce attorney.

We will now discuss the circumstances in which you might not need the services of a divorce attorney.

When Do You Need A Lawyer For Your Divorce?

To ensure the best possible results regarding husband and wife, property division, support payments, parenting time and other legal decision-making, you should seriously consider working with a divorce attorney. You should also consider hiring a divorce lawyer in the following situations:

  • Your husband earned more money, but you want to obtain spousal assistance
  • You are worried about the proper manner in which to split the assets and property that were accumulated throughout the marriage.
  • You or your partner is responsible for a financial obligation that you are unsure how to share.
  • You have youngsters and are interested in learning more about how the amount of child support you will be required to pay will be established.
  • You are a parent who wants to ensure that concerns about parental leave and legal decision-making are resolved equitably.
  • There is a history of physical violence in the household, sexual violence, drug misuse, or mistreatment of children.
  • Your partner is thinking about getting legal representation, or they have already done so.
  • You are being threatened with financial disaster, and your spouse has been destroying property, concealing assets, and spending marital finances.
  • You are interested in learning about your legal rights.
  • You find it challenging to handle the responsibility of completing legal documents independently.
  • You need specific guidance on this matter.
  • You have a challenging divorce case.

You should have a qualified individual go through your divorce paperwork to ensure that it is both legal and equitable.

When Do You Not Need A Lawyer For Your Divorce?

If you do not have any children or assets from the marriage, you may not need the services of a divorce attorney. It's possible that you won't require a divorce attorney in the event if:

  • You have decided not to file a claim seeking spousal support, and you do not anticipate that your husband will do so either.
  • You do not have any assets or property that may be split up, such as securities, retirement savings, or real estate.
  • You haven't any kids or animals, do you?
  • You may be eligible for legal aid, or you may be able to locate an attorney willing to work "pro bono."

Both parties are in agreement on the divorce and can do the necessary papers on their own.


The legal proceedings associated with a divorce may be stressful and emotionally demanding for everyone involved, including you, the spouse, including your children. However, this is not the case if the divorce is conducted collaboratively. Everyone participating may have fewer negative consequences, lower overall costs, and improved efficiency due to the collaborative process. An attorney is staffed with legal, financial, & communication experts who can provide a helping hand to clients going through challenging times in their lives.

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