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The Benefits of Using Play Mat for Babies

01 Aug 2022, 17:24 GMT+10

What exactly is a play mat?

Play mats are flat foam or padded fabric surfaces on which a baby can safely play. Various designs of activity mats can be found in the market. Parents frequently utilize a mat in conjunction with a baby activity gym. This is not an unusual practise.\Toys are suspended from a wooden or plastic arch framework. You may also get a baby play gym that includes both the dangling toys and the play mat.

The Advantages of Using Play Mats for Babies

Having fun isn't the only purpose of a baby play mat. Here are the key advantages they bring.

They're safe and clean to play in

Floors aren't going to be the cleanest part of the house, no matter what you do. Because a baby's immune system is still developing, they are especially susceptible to illness caused by common household germs. With a play mat, you'll be able to keep your child's space clean and germ-free. In addition, they give a comfortable surface for your baby to learn how to move about on.


Because you can bring the mat with you, transporting your child to a friend's house or the park will not be a challenge for you. This portable play area can be folded up and carried around with ease.

They help motor skills

Grasping is a crucial milestone in the development of newborns' fine motor abilities. Toys that are suspended from the roof in a play gym enable infants who are between three and five months old to stretch out and grasp the toys.

They aid cognitive growth

Keeping your youngster occupied is the best approach to aid with cognitive development. Because it has a variety of textures, colors, and sounds, a play mat is an excellent choice.

They're good for muscle growth

When a baby is first placed on the mat on his or her stomach, the muscles in his or her neck and shoulders are used, which strengthens the child. To be able to roll over, crawl, and eventually sit up, your baby will require strong muscles. An exercise mat increases movement, which helps to build muscle.

When may babies start using play mats?

You can obtain different benefits from these baby products at different ages because they are some of the most adaptable. As soon as your baby is comfortable lying flat without being handled, you can begin utilizing a play gym.

Babies just born: Your play mat is a safe place for your baby to relax for brief amounts of time while you take a break! Toys swinging from the baby gym will keep your baby entertained. Because babies can't see very far into the distance, their toys need to be within proximity to their faces.

3 Months: At the age of three months, you should begin putting your infant to use on the play mat. They'll start exploring if you lay them on their back on the mat for a few minutes.

4 Months: Your baby will begin to roll over around this time, and the play mat is a great area for them to do so!

6 Months: Your child will be crawling all over the mat and grabbing for the many toys. They'll probably go on their hands and knees and start crawling.

9 Months: Your baby is likely to be crawling off the mat by this age! They'll get bored in the play gym and want to explore the rest of the house. To keep them interested for a few more months, you should add fresh toys and activities to the play mat.

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