Fri, 29 Sep 2023

What makes a firm turn into a unicorn?

The continuous efforts toward learning the market strategies lead to a firm's growth and expansion.

However, not all can entirely try their hardest to move the mountains and turn their dreams into successful realities.

A Big Reason?

Neglecting market trends, user feedback, technological trends, and competitive products!

Fortunately, with MVP or Minimum Viable Product, you can maximize the profit percentage while adding frequent updates that align with the factors deciding your product's growth or market reach.

Moreover, Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox, and Airbnb, the most successful applications today, were designed as MVPs.

So, are you excited to build your one?

Techugo can help you create a huge difference while delivering a success-driven MVP. The company has helped several startups shape their success stories and is set to shape many more.

If you want to take assistance from the top mobile app development company in Dubai, connect with the industry experts, Techugo, and develop a successful product with the skillset of developers.

How to Choose the Features for MVP?

It requires in-depth research to choose the features for MVP because you will get an idea of what you should add or exclude from the initial stage of development.

  1. Know your Users

With the workforce in your business, you can operate tasks, but how do you cater to the needs and requirements of users if you don't have a targeted audience?

Identifying the right users can lead you to initiate your further steps and directions towards turning your dream into reality. Therefore, make sure that you and your users are in the same league.

  1. Identify the Problem

Users will only attract only when they find a solution on your platform. So, prioritize this if you always want to be in the treat of creating happy users.

But, how to do that?

You can create online surveys and get help from other companies storing users' data.

  1. Know your Competitions

While getting insights into how your end users receive solutions for the problem they are facing, you will learn about the competitions that provide the same services and products.

So, prioritize this as well because this will help you pick the right features for your MVP. The more you research, the better it will be for you to create an MVP. Also, with the developers having dynamic skillsets on your side, you can successfully bring life to your idea.

  1. Direct and Indirect Competitors

Once you find your competitors, divide them into two groups Direct and Indirect. Direct competitors represent the companies that offer the same products or services. However, Indirect competitors represent the companies that provide different solutions for the same problem.

While Bolt and Uber better explain the direct competitors, Google Maps and Uber come into the other one because of the way they provide different services while keeping the essential foreground.

It is a necessary task through which you can not only craft a difference between your competitors but also identify what they lack in their products.

With the support of the top mobile app development company in Dubai that can help you with anything from bringing a success-driven product to discovering the potential, you can map out a way for your business growth and expansion.

  1. Acknowledge your Strengths

Now that you are all set to provide your product with all the characteristics they need, ensure to define your strengths. Because it is the only way you can create a difference in the world and build a successful brand from your quality services or products.

Strength is the only source that makes a startup achieve progressive milestones, and indeed, you will hit the goal soon once you acknowledge what makes your product resistant in the market.

  1. Bring Value

Just like Techugo brings value to its clients' products, you can add more to your end users' lifestyle while getting answers on what makes your product unique.

You must pinpoint how to bring a more blissful experience to your users to lay a foundation for fruitful growth with a dynamic MVP.

In a Nutshell!

No one wants to find certain bugs and glitches after the application is all set to launch. While an app can stagnate your startup, an MVP can lead you to continuous growth. With the ability to make revisions and changes to the initial stage of development, you can surely lead a progressive path toward MVP success and very soon turn it into a full-fledged seamless application.

Techugo, the top mobile app development company in UAE, has successfully delivered 750+ applications and raised over 869M funding for their clients. The high-graded developers of the company can not only build your dynamic MVP but also bring excellence with their continuous support to make it a great hit as per your needs and requirements.

So, don't you want to join hands with the industry experts?

If yes, ensure to book a consultation today and lead a further step towards digitalization.

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