Sat, 09 Dec 2023

Procrastination can take a massive toll on your physical and mental wellbeing, just as it did on mine. I was prone to perfectionism, fear of failure and criticism, depression, low self-esteem, and social anxiety. These things wreaked havoc on me and crippled me in all walks of life.

Stress and anxiety made it challenging to try new things and take risks in my personal and work life. I believe anxiety is a common symptom of procrastination, and sometimes, I would find it troublesome to leave my house and go to work.

Although I have excellent computer programming and web development skills, procrastination and anxiety prevented me from trying new things and exploring my true potential. That's why I experienced a loss of income and nearly went bankrupt.

Things were not in my favor a year ago, but thankfully, I came across Virtue Map on the internet while searching for ways to overcome procrastination. I read and evaluated numerous Virtue Map Reviews, but they did not satisfy me.

However, I decided to try Virtue Map because I had tested various other programs for procrastination and anxiety and could not satisfy.Let me tell you why I recommend Virtue Map and how it transformed my life.

Controlled My Stress and Social Anxiety

The biggest problem I had besides procrastination was social anxiety. I find it troubling to meet new people, start a conversation, speak in public, give a presentation on software launch/maintenance before a group of managers in the company, etc.

I would feel like people were judging me, evaluating me, and finding ways to tease or criticize me. So this would create a fireball in my brain, and I would not control myself and consume heavy alcohol.

I felt worried about humiliating myself, and the intense fear of talking to others would escalate my physical symptoms, such as sweating, shaky voice, trembling, and panicked appearance.

I have finally overcome social anxiety thanks to Virtue Map, an evidence-based program designed for procrastination and fear by psychologists, behavioral analyst, and health professionals. I am more confident today and make the most of my social life.

Increased My Self-Esteem and Reduced Procrastination

Low self-esteem was one of the most challenging things I have experienced. Not only did it cause loneliness, stress, depression, and anxiety, but it also affected my relationships with family and friends.

It impaired my job performance and cost me several jobs in the IT industry. I consulted various medical specialists, who prescribed me medications to overcome the anxiety, and propanol to perform better in social settings.

However, I realized that I was getting dependent on those medications. I experienced severe side effects, including dizziness, sleepiness, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and fatigue.

In 87-day Virtue Map anti-procrastination plan, I would receive and perform the daily tasks quite accurately because they were easy, simple, and engaging. I must say that the daily tasks the program provided me with increased my self-esteem.

I improved my decision-making, relationships, emotional health, and overall wellbeing. Virtue Map is the epitome of solid motivation and helps you develop a positive view of yourself, understand your true potential, enhance your skills, and overcome fear to take on new challenges.

Final Words

The best thing about Virtue Map is that you will complete a multi-choice survey before applying for the program to see how it can help.

Once you receive the anti-procrastination and anti-anxiety plan, you can follow the step-by-step approach.

Remember, Virtue Map requires you to stay diligent and follow the steps to analyze yourself in order to overcome procrastination and control your anxiety, depression, or stress levels. Finally, I recommend Virtue Map Reviews because it has streamlined my life, and today, I have a better work-life balance with peace of mind and tranquility.

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