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Safe Browsing with a YiLu Proxy

10 Sep 2022, 23:24 GMT+10

Anonymity, privacy, and security are the top three reasons that any user chooses to invest in a proxy. Currently, the top proxies that are available as an application, download, or from software installation are residential and reverse proxies. On the one hand, reverse proxies have a server that acts as a barrier between the user and a host to funnel data, information, and requests. On the other hand, residential proxies are an extension of reverse proxies that allow users to obtain a different and unique IP address unrelated to their region. Even better are rotating residential proxies that give users a new IP address with each use to prevent hacking and tracing further. Rotating residential proxies are best utilized when associated with SOCK5 proxy servers, which can be purchased online at

Anonymous Surfing

Undetectable web activity prevents users' banking information, credit and debit card transactions, personal data, and passwords from being hacked. Additionally, it prevents users from being directly advertised to, monitored, or traced. Furthermore, a proxy can help users get around online censorship or imposed virtual restrictions. Even companies, more so eCommerce businesses, will use a proxy to conduct market research, search engine optimization (SEO), and web rankings and scraping. Otherwise, anyone using a proxy can benefit from increased network connection speeds and data download and uploads, which is excellent for users that may access the internet on a public or shared network. Plus, the decrease in disconnect and drop rates favor even high data using gamers, streamers, or those who torrent. Moreover, individuals have more abilities to express their freedom of speech or unleash whistleblowing capabilities without judgment or statements being connected to them, as browsing history and cookies are automatically deleted and not stored by any third parties.

Choose YiLu

The network connection quality is measured in latency (i.e., lag), and less than 100 milliseconds is acceptable for loaded data transfers or gaming, where 20-40ms is an exceptional low-ping broadband connection. Selecting a Socket Secure layer 5 protocol (SOCKS5) proxy through, users average 10ms latency, which beats even dedicated commercial and residential IP addresses! The IP addresses are also proprietary clean, so they are reliable and valid to use, even on international servers.

No additional set-up is needed, and tutorials are on their website to help new or novice proxy users get the most out of their purchase, which is as low as $0.10 per shared static proxy for 24 hours of unlimited access, bandwidth, requests, and traffic! Monthly plans start at $5 per dedicated IP address. Uptime is nearly 100%, meaning users can be at ease knowing that the likelihood of disconnect or drop rates is unlikely to occur once connected. Furthermore, the IP address can be changed anytime since uses rotating residential IP addresses. Right now, YiLu offers 90 million IP addresses from all over the world in different countries. Whether there is a concern or a user cannot find a suitable IP address, YiLu offers timely online technical support. Indeed, YiLu provides safe proxy software for anonymous online browsing.

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