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In 2022, there are a huge number of different online resources where authorization by phone number is required to get full access to all the services provided. We are talking about all kinds of social networks, messengers, online stores, online auctions, online movie theaters, delivery and dating services, and many others. Accordingly, as the number of such services grows, so does the demand for virtual phone number for SMS.

Why is this happening? In today's virtual world, the policy of de-anonymizing the user is largely practiced. And the most common way to do this is to use a personal cell phone number when registering. Wherever you try to create an account, you will almost always be asked for a phone number to send a verification code to complete the registration.

This approach has certain inconveniences for users. First, you don't always want to use your personal contact information. Secondly, not everyone agrees to reveal their personal data for privacy reasons. For this reason, the service of a virtual number for receiving SMS is becoming more and more relevant.

Virtual SMS numbers: what it is and how to use it

A temporary number for receiving SMS is an ideal tool for solving the difficulties described above. In fact, it is a generated number in the usual format of one of the telephone operators, which is specified during registration as your personal number, and to which you receive a message with a verification code.

To use such a service, you need to find a service that allows you to use temporary numbers and puts them at your disposal. You get a phone number in an accessible format, copy it into the appropriate field when registering at any online marketplace, and you receive a reply message in your personal account with a verification code. Specific ways of interaction with the virtual number service depend on the selected service.

Features of virtual numbers services for SMS

Using virtual numbers is generally a good idea and actually has a lot of advantages:

1. The user will not encounter aggressive spamming to their personal phone number after making a purchase in an online store or registering.

2. The user won't pay to download a game or watch a movie; many services provide trial subscriptions by phone number. With a virtual number, you can get free subscriptions an unlimited number of times.

3. Avoid the hassle of having to register many accounts on social networks and trading platforms. By using virtual numbers you can register as many accounts as you want

4. Keep your identity incognito at web resources that require confirmation by phone number for registration.

How to get a virtual number using SMS-man

On the site of SMS-man you can buy a virtual phone number, with which you can easily make a new account on any Internet platform, which requires a mobile number to get a confirmation code.

To get a virtual phone number you need:

1. Go to the site and register by entering your e-mail and making up a password.

2. Make a deposit in a convenient currency through the "Payment" section.

3. Go to the main page and choose the country and online resource for registration.

4. Done, the virtual number will be added to your personal account, you can start using it

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