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Learn Game development in 10 days

17 Sep 2022, 00:24 GMT+10

No, it's not spam. You can learn game development with zero prior knowledge in 10 days if you have a proper plan. I know what you are thinking. I don't know programming, how can I learn game development? It's not what you don't know but what you are willing to learn that determines whether you can learn it or not.

So are you ready to put in the headwork to learn Game development? Then here is the secret formula.

I know, it looks confusing. Before you try to understand the chart above. You should know that games are made using softwares called Game engines. We import game assets like pictures, 3D models and animations to the game engine and write codes to connect them to create the game play. Take a look at the picture again and you should be able to understand it better.

Where to learn Game development?

First step is to know which game engine to use. Unity is the most beginner friendly game engine. So we will see how you can use Unity to learn game development.

The best way to learn Unity is to start making small things in Unity. So, you should start with a small game like flappy bird. Then start looking for game assets for your game. You can either make the assets yourself or buy them on the game asset store. You can also search the internet to find free game assets. Once you have the assets now try to complete the tutorial in the learn Unity page to get a hang of how to use Unity.

I would suggest completing the Unity timer and Unity instantiate tutorial for sure. These two functions are used in many games and can be very useful.

Once you know how to use Unity. Now try to create your own game play. This is the challenging part because you will have to think the logic yourself and come up with the code

It will be difficult but with more and more practice you will get the hang of it and you will become efficient at it. If you succeed then the joy of your first creation will keep you excited.

Too difficult?

Some might find this overwhelming and quit at the very beginning. If you feel like quitting then I would like to suggest you try this one last option of mentorship. That's right. Having someone guide you through the process can reduce the difficulty by 90%.

You can hire Unity tutors to help you make your game. They provide one-on-one coaching and help you with any problem that you are stuck with.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started and get that game idea made into a game.

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