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Many people invest in stocks for similar reasons to crypto: they like seeing their money grow. But why not get creative with your portfolio? Did you know that you can buy stocks in other countries without having an address there? Also, why should you invest in dividend stocks in Norway, of all places? Keep reading to learn more about investing in foreign dividend stocks.


How Are Dividend Stocks Different from Regular Stocks?

If you are new to dividend stocks, you may wonder how they differ from regular stocks. If you invest in normal stocks, your goal is to buy low and sell high. But that's not quite the case with dividend stocks. Dividend stocks pay their shareholders every quarter (roughly every three months). If you invest in dividend stocks, they will pay you back more quickly and consistently than stocks you hold onto.

Companies can pay their shareholders in cash, property, or other assets. Check how your dividends will be paid before investing in dividend stocks.

Why Norway?

The best reason to invest in Norwegian stocks is if you live in Norway. If you live in Norway, you will not need to worry about exchanging your currency online. You will also be able to get the latest Norwegian financial advice on the Norwegian site Utbytteguiden.

But investors from foreign countries may also want to watch Norway. Although small, Norway's economy is growing. Young Norwegians are tech-savvy. Internet coverage is increasing across the country. More investment opportunities and industries will come with this tech boom.

How can you get into this relatively new market? You may get lucky; the company you are interested in may have American deposit receipts (ADRs) or global depository receipts (GDRs). These are listed on American or worldwide (London, Singapore, Frankfort, Dubai, etc.) stock exchanges.

But if that is not the case, there are ways to invest directly in foreign stocks. Your first step will be to find a broker.

Find a Broker

Technically, you will need to find two brokers if you want to buy Norwegian stocks in another country. One of your brokers will need to be for currency; all foreign exchange ('forex') brokers have slightly different rates. Trading foreign currency is a market itself. (Important: Norway uses the kroner, not the euro.)

After you have found your currency broker, you must look for stocks on a Norwegian stock exchange. These will also have slightly different rates. Find a stock you are interested in and look for the best possible rate.

Look for Stocks

Once you have your currency and your stockbroker, you are ready to invest in stocks. Which ones are the soundest investments? There are a few possible options.

Some areas worth investing in include:

  • Real estate. Property is a solid investment choice if you know what you are doing. You may be able to rent out properties in Norway for tourists. And, if you look, you can find stocks related to property as well!
  • There are four major seafood stocks in Norway: Salmar ASA, Orkla A, Marine Harvest ASA, and Leroy Seafood Group. Norway is one of the world's largest producers of seafood, so stocks like these are a reasonable investment.
  • Natural resources. Along with seafood, Norway also has stocks in oil, natural gas, mining, and metals.
  • Technology and media. Although small for now, more and more Norwegians are getting access to the internet and other forms of technology. If you see a promising startup, it may be worth your money to get in early.

These may start small, but as Norway's economy grows, so will its stocks. That means more money in the long run.

Buy Low…and Then Hold On.

As of this writing, Norway is far from a global superpower. This means many of its stocks are cheap. You will have the 'buy low' part covered. Since Norwegian industries are still growing, it may take a while for your stock to pay you back in full. But when it does, you will be glad that you invested in a market that few had considered.

Do Not Invest More Than You Are Willing to Lose

Finally, remember the golden rule of making any kind of investment: do not invest more money than you are willing to lose. Even though Norwegian dividend stocks are fairly safe, and dividend stocks pay you more quickly than other kinds of investments, you don't want to put too much into them. After all, it may take a while for your Norwegian stocks to reach the numbers of other companies.


If the rule of thumb in investment is 'buy low, sell high,' now is the time to invest in Norwegian dividend stocks. With an economy likely to grow, Norway is one of the best places to look for potential investments. It has a booming seafood industry, decent tourism, and many natural resources. If you see a technology-focused product or company on the Norwegian stock market, however, it may be worth getting in on the ground floor. Remember: these are stocks that pay some of your money back.

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