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What you need, is a proxy server for all the use cases

26 Nov 2022, 19:24 GMT+10

Proxies are useful for businesses, individuals, universities, non-profits, and other organizations to collect data and access resources needed in their workflows.

Additionally, you can buy datacenter rotating proxies. So, see how proxies help to hide your data and location from cyberattacks to prevent information theft and loss of reputation and customer trust.

How a proxy server works

A standard Internet connection involves exchanging a lot of data. The user not only receives but also sends a stream of information, such as his IP address or geolocation. On the basis of this, data, and content blocking is set.

To access sites or services anonymously, you have to do it, not directly. Another option is to use a proxy server. You can use it to hide your address and location and avoid blocking.

VPN or Proxy?

In fact, they make a decision for you about the possibility of accessing some web pages.

Let's briefly consider the advantages of using proxy servers:

  • Filtering requests. The virtual machine can be used not only to access blocked websites, but also to set restrictions for other users on the network (administrative settings).
  • Data protection. If you browse the Internet directly from your IP address, which does not have an intermediary, then the level of computer security is significantly reduced. This means that your device and data become vulnerable to hackers.
  • Speed of processing requests. Thanks to the caching in the proxy server, you will be able to get fast responses to requests on the Internet.

As for VPN connection, all of the above, plus data encryption and providing a secure channel for their transmission are the main security features when using it. When connected via VPN, not only the real location of the user, but also all the information received and transmitted to the network, becomes inaccessible to intruders and third parties.

HTTP proxy

The proxy functions quite simply - a web browser or software sends a request to open a link to the proxy server, and it receives data from the requested resource and returns it to your computer. Thanks to this system, HTTP proxy allows:

HTTP connection of the proxy server to the computer

  • Produce caching has been revised to quickly open it in the following times.
  • Set limits on the speed of connection to sites.

All this functionality opens up many opportunities in various areas of work in the network, which are often faced by active users:

1. Transparent. Do not hide the IP of the request sender and provide its final source;

2. Anonymous. Inform the source about the use of an intermediate server, but the client's IP is not revealed.

SOCKS proxy

If we talk about the most progressive type of proxy, it is undoubtedly SOCKS. Now SOCKS has changed a lot and interacts perfectly with all types of protocols. The already mentioned type of proxy never opens your IP address, so it can be considered completely anonymous.

The technical proxy issues

You connect to a remote PC from your computer, and it acts as a proxy. A special set of software is installed on it, which is designed to process and issue requests.

Then it receives the signal from the final source and transmits it back to you, if necessary.

This is how an intermediate server between a chain of two computers works, in a simple way. The image below schematically shows the principle of interaction.

PrivateProxy solution

1. You can measure stats by port and get full control over IP rotations and detailed request logs.

2. If you receive failed requests, PrivateProxy will automatically retry until you achieve success. Thus guaranteeing a success rate of 99.99%. You can easily correct SSL footprints and headers.

3. With PrivateProxy, you'll be in complete control. You'll also find which countries to target using this proxy manager. This allows you to manage all your IP addresses along with their metrics in one place and optimize overall performance.

4. In addition, you need it because of the high-quality data, best network uptime, the fastest result, and largest GEO coverage.

Security on the Internet

VPN has a data encryption algorithm of up to 256-bit. This means that the key is made of 256 binary files (zeros and ones), and has 2 to the 256th power of possible combinations. Proxy is also able to provide a reliable level of security. If this option is not available, then to ensure the proper level of security, you must additionally connect the VPN to your browser.

Proxy servers in practice

There are many lists and ratings of HTTP(S) servers. Members of the lists change, due to the fact that the leaders do not always cope with many visitors.

Note that you will need to copy the IP address and port of the server into the system settings to set up a connection (see below for how to set up the system).

Also, as for any software, we recommend using our programs, because our developers are responsible for their work and constantly release updates.

VPN or a proxy server

Not all users have delved into the difference between VPN and proxy. It would seem that they both change the IP address, provide access to blocked resources and provide anonymity. However, the principle of operation of these two technologies is completely different. The advantages of proxies are the following features:

  • Your IP address will be hidden during the most superficial checks. That is if special services do not deal with the case.
  • Your geographical location will be hidden because the site receives a request from the intermediary and sees only its position.

However, there are also negative aspects, and they are as follows:

  • Your Internet traffic is not encrypted when passing through an intermediate server.
  • The address is not hidden from competent detection methods, so if necessary, your computer can be easily found.
  • All traffic passes through the server, so it is possible not only to read it but also to intercept it for further negative actions.

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