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Werewolf Shifters are one of the main key elements in paranormal romance. Gracing us with their singularity, these peculiar yet compelling creatures have been the center of inspiration in literary fiction for centuries. They're omnipresent. Almost in every fantasy book they are used as either decorations or an important piece in making the story more compelling and worth the attention. It was originally used in horror but as time went by, they also made a debut in other genre. But the type that had the most impact and had become influential to all was romance. Because of its influence to romance, the era of werewolf/shifter romance started and the reader's experience have never been so good, so imaginative and so pleasuring.

If you haven't read any werewolf shifter romance books or you haven't heard how its been made, this is your sign to try and give it a chance! You won't regret spoiling yourself as shifter romance books offers a wide collection of novels where you could choose whatever you want.

Part 1: The 5 Best Werewolf Shifter Romance Books For Adventure Romance Lovers

To avoid overhwhelming yourself, we extracted five best werewolf shifter love stories that won't waste your time.

Best Werewolf Shifter Romance Book 1: She is not my Luna

Tags: Alpha, Possessive, Fated, Mate, Kickass Heroine

Score: 4.0

Book Review: This shifter romance book is the best novel to start your journey. It bears all the components you need to acquaint yourself and not feel estranged while reading. She is not my Luna isn't a light read as its theme rooted from a tragic event that affected both the main characters playing at the center of the storyline. It's comical and witty at first but as the story progress, it will reach a disturbing conflict that would make you think twice if the characters could even bear overcoming them. The story revolves around an omega blatantly rejecting the alpha king after finding out they are mates. She doesn't want him to trample her freedom any further as it had been that way for years. Even though she could use that opportunity as a great way to escape, she prioritized her worth more than anything else. It's a high recommend for beginners, as the concept and hierarchy of shifter have been justified in here quite well.

Best Werewolf Shifter Romance Book 2: The Defiant Mate

Tags: Shifter, Mate, Tragic

Score: 4.3

Book Review: Tragically structured but brilliantly written. The Defiant Mate is another yet compelling shifter romance book that excelled each aspect of a great piece of fiction. I couldn't put it down the first time I read it, and I almost thought I was transported to another world as the scenes were written skillfully, I didn't feel like a reader looking at the story through lens but rather, like a main character, as well. The story was fixated at the devastating life of a she-wolf, being forced to return to her previous pack and pledge to the new alpha that once conquered her control over her life. She didn't wish to indulge, but the circumstances of her life was begging her to do so. Mysteries topped one another and Jay-la was trapped in a dire situation that could end her life or change her for good.

I enjoyed this shifter romance book really well. It's a good book to read whenever you've run out of choices.

Best Werewolf Shifter Romance Book 3: The Alpha's Cinderella

Tags: Opposites Attract, Friends To Lovers, Kickass Heroine, Beta, Omega

Score: 4.6

Book Review: Out of the shifter romance that I have the fortunate to read, this is definitely one of the books that kept replaying in my mind. The storyline was unique and refreshing, it didn't follow some cliche tropes that would undeiniably be tiresome to read. Never did once I become bored throughout the story. Every scene in the chapters, and every interaction of the characters continued to hook my attention 'till the end. It was filled with heart pounding romance and tear jerking drama. It tells the tale of an unmated orphan, wandering around aimlessly and without a clear distinction of her future. But everything changes when she joined the annual pack run for unmated wolves, and she found the alpha king as her mate.

The Alpha's Cinderella is a must read shifter romance book as it combines both the supernatural practices of werewolves and undaunted reality of our world.

Best Werewolf Shifter Romance Book 4: Hybrid Aria

Tags: Alpha, Erotica, Possessive

Score: 4.0

Book Review: Jessica Hall's Hybrid Aria is a tantalizing shifter romance erotica, the perfect choice for anyone looking for a novel with intense romance, intriguing advanture, and feral lovemaking. I've heard this shifter romance book tons of times, and I regretted I didn't give this chance sooner than I should have. The plot has been cooked well, and the characters has been intrisically fleshed out, enabling the storyline to move in various and entertaining direction. They weren't grey nor boring, each one was consistent and distinctive, I didn't have a hard time identifying their relevance in the plot.

This was a heavy read. And although the female protagonist was indecisive and impulsive sometimes, I still endorse this for those who wants an extraordinary experience in shifter romance.

Best Werewolf Shifter Romance Book 5: The Rejected Luna's Prince

Tags: Rejected, Luna, Drama

Score: 4.2

Book Review: Do you like a vengeful heroine who had been dishonered and cheated on, and now is back to show the world that it wasn't her lost?

The Rejected Luna's Prince is all about the hope and love that had been lost but found again in the most unexpected way. This shifter romance book tells the tale of a maiden being cheated on by the future alpha, all because she's different and more respectable from the rest. As if that wasn't enough, he even rejected her on the same day that she revealed she's pregnant! What a surreal way of tearing her life apart! But Willa hadn't lost hope. The ideal love she dreamt of having, and the family she wished to carry, all became instantly accessible within a blink. What I love about this shifter romance book was the nostalgic scenes and the realistic potrayal of their world. I was extremely engrossed at it, I couldn't find a better way to promote this shifter romance book other than plainly saying it's perfect and appealing. Don't waste any time and read it now!

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