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Elijah Norton believes strongly in communications and transparency in business. He has spent years demonstrating that commitment as an entrepreneur.

As a businessman, Elijah Norton has achieved unqualified success for his approach and creative ideas as a businessman. As a leader, Elijah Norton wants to give back something to his associates and customers. One great tool a leader can use is LinkedIn.

Elijah Norton built Veritas Global Protection based on communications, getting to know what his customers wanted in a vehicle protection plan and delivering what they wanted. It seems like a simple, basic strategy, but many business owners ignore common sense when seeking a golden path to riches by shutting their eyes to the obvious. Along his business path, Norton and Veritas Global Protection strive for transparency and upfront pricing.

Elijah Norton: Paying It Forward with the Support of LinkedIn

Elijah Norton was interviewed by DotCom Magazine. In his interview, he mentioned customer responsiveness as the key to business success. That means opening the lines of communication and caring about customer needs and preferences.

Veritas Global Protection associates call customers back frequently to check their needs and satisfaction with their vehicle protection plan. That's just one of the ways that developing a LinkedIn network can benefit any organization - an expanded network of contacts and business associates.

Veritas Global Protection provides worldwide protection in the form of vehicle service contracts, their services extend across the United States, the European Union, Canada, and Chile. LinkedIn's worldwide reach makes it a perfect foil for many to build a name, reputation, and business success.

The Benefits of LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers unparalleled benefits as a business resource, including a network of more than 600 million professionals. The platform has existed longer than the trendy social networks like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, but the benefits are still relevant and in demand.

Benefit #1: Leveraging the LinkedIn Job Board

There's no doubt that having a curated list of professional job applicants benefits anyone. The robust platform features applicants who want to work in the area or those not adverse to relocating. LinkedIn members can also use the board to find new business opportunities or vertical promotions.

The job board makes it easy to post a job opening or apply for a position directly from the site. This is an overwhelming benefit for those who need to hire someone qualified immediately.

Benefit #2: Fostering Brand Awareness

It's critical to strengthen a company's professional reputation to attract more customers, top employee talent, and high-quality business associates. No organization does that better than the social platform dedicated to business. LinkedIn gives businesses a chance to build their reputation, establish thought leadership and promote their brands, which Elijah Norton has successfully achieved at Veritas Global Protection. Designing a professional website and using clever marketing ideas can get someone started, but it's tremendously easy to foster an authoritative reputation with just one relevant post on LinkedIn.

Benefit #3: Increasing the Network of Associates

Building a Rolodex of trusted network associates isn't as easy as it sounds when owners spend so much time taking care of their core business interests. It's easy to build a network using LinkedIn resources to find that sharp accountant, dynamic salesperson, or skilled mechanic that the business needs. Business cards and outdated address books just don't do the job. Owners and managers can refresh their memories of sharp potential hires quickly and easily.

Benefit #4: Increasing the Business's Google Ranking

Maintaining a strong LinkedIn profile provides alternative benefits, including earning a higher Google ranking. Active LinkedIn member businesses rank higher in Google searches because the companies' commitment to professional excellence is evident. It's easier to earn a high ranking for a professional LinkedIn article than one posted somewhere with less authority in Google's ranking formulas.

Benefit #5: Expanding the Company's Research Resources

There's no comparable resource to rival the completeness and details provided by a LinkedIn profile. Many companies search the profiles for job candidates, and even those with only a basic profile receive offers. Many companies maintain LinkedIn pages with updates of company information, important dates, and company news.

Profiles of superior employees provide invaluable corporate intelligence that anyone can access without paying research fees. Members can find current, relevant information on many topics, including business opportunities, posts of thought leaders in various industries, and information on company cultures.

Benefit #6: Tapping into Industry-Specific Trends and News

Getting the details of current trends and industry news can be compromised for people only reading the major headlines and promotional stories. What company reveals its problems for the world to see? However, LinkedIn articles provide accurate, professional assessments of industry challenges and opportunities.

Members can keep up-to-date on industry trends, news, and what their competitors are planning in the immediate future. As Elijah Norton mentions in his interview, it is important to keep track of the competition and stay ahead of the curve with innovative, cutting-edge products.

Keeping Ahead of Competitors

Staying equal or ahead of business competitors is a practical challenge many companies use to go over the top with gimmicks, wild contests, and unrealistic promises. Elijah Norton believes that patience, hard work, and a commitment to customer service will always win success and loyal customers. LinkedIn profiles and article posts provide one of the most successful and least expensive ways to promote a business. LinkedIn helps businesses search for jobs, build a professional network and brand a company in the public eye.

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