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Behind the Scenes of Timeless Jewelry Collection

31 Aug 2023, 18:24 GMT+10

So much modern fashion is of the 'fast' variety - cool today, unthinkable tomorrow. Moschino might seem uber hip and edgy with its controversial bondage-themed teddy bear backpacks, but in a hot second, they'll be as passe as hoop skirts.

And yet, certain styles of traditional jewelry are still highly desirable after thousands of years. But for the average online shopper, it's hard to know where to acquire these types of pieces - and how to afford them, as they're often quite costly.

Enter Timeless Jewelry Collection, an ecommerce retailer launched by PR executive Laila Sachedina. This brand takes us on a journey back to the heart of traditional jewelry-making, promising not just a product, but a legacy. And the most captivating part? Each piece is as affordable as it is authentic. Let's dive into the world behind those glittering gems and understand the meticulous process they undergo.

The Passionate Visionary: Laila Sachedina

At the helm of this intricate operation is Laila Sachedina, a force of nature with a clear vision. Balancing a thriving career in PR, Sachedina has embarked on a mission to offer jewelry pieces that reflect both history and artistry, without the intimidating price tags often associated with such fine craftsmanship.

'I have a passion for entrepreneurship,' Sachedina shares. 'I love the world of business, and I've thrived in carving out a niche for myself in the competitive jewelry market. What I'm offering really is something different - quality, handcrafted jewelry with prices that make it accessible to everyone.'

The Birthplace of Beauty: Artisan Workshops

Sachedina has spent time studying the artisan workshops of India and Pakistan, to get an idea of what goes into crafting eye-catching adornments. These are places where the hum of machinery is replaced by the rhythmic clinking of hammers and chisels. Generations of artisans, with skills passed down through centuries, toil with dedication to bring sparkling visions to life.

'It's not easy to source beautiful pieces at affordable prices,' Sachedina reveals. 'It's been an extensive research project that is ongoing. But I am determined to increase our product line even more.'

Craftsmanship: An Intimate Affair

Every piece in the Timeless Jewelry Collection brings to mind the grandeur of yesteryears and the tales of ancient royalties. 'In ancient times, raw gemstones would be meticulously chosen for their color, clarity, and resonance with the design,' says Sachedina. 'Skilled gem-cutters then shape these stones, ensuring they catch light at just the right angles.'

Meanwhile, metals are forged and molded into delicate frameworks. The gem-setting process is delicate, often requiring hours for just a few centimeters of detail. It's a dance of precision, patience, and passion. The artisans, with their years of expertise, know exactly how to make each gemstone sing in harmony with its metal setting.

Sachedina has been able to obtain a collection of shimmering earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that reflect this ancient attention to detail - but at a price point that anyone can achieve. 'We're going for the look of traditional pieces like Kundan sets and Polki necklaces,' says Sachedina.

Sustainability and Affordability

2 / 2 In the bustling digital age, Sachedina has astutely harnessed the power of the online realm. Operating primarily through online platforms and leveraging social media's vast reach, she ensures that the Timeless Jewelry Collection stays connected with its global clientele while keeping overhead expenses at bay. This lean business approach not only makes high-quality jewelry more accessible by passing savings on to the customers but also fortifies the brand's sustainable ethos, reducing the environmental and financial footprint typically associated with brick-and-mortar establishments.

The Final Product: A Fusion of Old and New

Once crafted, each jewelry piece is carefully inspected for quality and then added to the Timeless Jewelry Collection. What truly sets these pieces apart is both their beauty and the fusion of old-world charm with contemporary flair.

While the designs are rooted in tradition, they cater to the tastes of the modern woman. Timeless Jewelry Collection has something for everyone - a statement necklace to complement an evening gown, a delicate bracelet to complement work attire, dramatic earrings for a night out.

Timeless Elegance

Behind every glinting piece of jewelry from Timeless Jewelry Collection is a tale of dedication, craftsmanship, and a passion to revive traditional artistry. Laila Sachedina, with her unwavering commitment to quality and affordability, is ready to create legacies in beauty and design.

'These styles have survived for countless generations,' she states. 'Wearing these pieces is a way to embrace history and celebrate craftsmanship. It also supports a vision that believes in the beauty of enduring tradition.'

And in a world dominated by fleeting trends, this commitment to timeless elegance is indeed a breath of fresh air.




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